“The evidence suggests that child food insecurity exists, and potentially affects millions of children but that the nature, extent and effects of child food insecurity are poorly understood. The issue has received scant political attention and children’s voices are absent.” The Food Foundation

The Children’s #Right2Food Campaign is a nationwide initiative to ensure every child in the UK can access and afford good food, and was shaped by the findings of the Children’s Future Food Inquiry. Led by Young Food Ambassadors from across the UK and coordinated by the Food Foundation, the campaign calls for government action to tackle children’s food insecurity, and puts forward its vision in the Children’s #Right2Food Charter.

Dame Emma Thompson, Children’s Future Food Inquiry ambassador, said: “In a wealthy society that claims to value compassion and humanity, how can we tolerate the injustice of millions of children going hungry?

“In face of the government’s refusal to help, the Children’s Future Food Inquiry has brought together hundreds of young people to hear about their lived experience of food poverty, and it’s time we listened to what they say. It’s the younger generation who will deliver the change that’s so urgently needed: we must act now to ensure every child in the UK has their right to food.”

In January 2020, the Children’s #Right2Food Campaign published a briefing looking at the scale and nature of children’s food insecurity in London. Based on the GLA’s measure of food insecurity in the capital and building on the work done by the UK-wide Children’s Future Food Inquiry, the report profiles the views and experiences of young people in London and puts forward their London Children’s #Right2Food Charter, which identifies policy priorities from the national Charter and makes recommendations for their practical application in the capital.

Visit https://foodfoundation.org.uk/childrens-future-food-inquiry/  for further insight into this project.

Children Future Food Inquiry Report